Gladiator Lacrosse Net Worth

The founder of Gladiator Lacrosse, Rachel Zietz was 13 years old when she started her company. She had been unsatisfied with the quality and price for existing products so began making them herself in order to provide what people wanted at an affordable rate while still maintaining high standards on both sides. Gladiator Lacrosse Net Worth is $5 million as of 2022.

Production cost wise as well as performance-based qualities like durability or functionality! Focusing heavily into practicing shots outside along walls ball games helped too but it wasn’t until later that this enthusiasm led up creating something bigger than just another pair nets–a new sport all its own:

Brand full name Gladiator Lacrosse
Founded by Rachel Zietz
Founded in 2012
Official Amazon Store Gladiator Lacrosse
Gladiator Lacrosse net worth $5 million (Last Updated 2022)

Early Life and Biography

The founder of Gladiator Lacrosse, 13-year old Rachel Zietz was not satisfied with the quality or price for lacrosse equipment. She started practicing her shot and playing “wall ball” whenever possible but realized that what they were selling wasn’t weatherproof enough or too costly.

So she decided to create her own company which provides premium products at an affordable rate! With encouragement from coaches throughout high school who encouraged.

All participants–including themselves!–to work on improving their skills as much possible while also engaging them through other activities like soccer games outside during warm ups periods; it paid off when this bright idea came into fruition after participating in Young Entrepreneurs Academy.

Personal Life

Rachel Zeitz, 13 years old at the time and already an entrepreneur had a dream to start her own company. With encouragement from friends who were also entrepreneurs as well as family members it became clear that this was something she should pursue so in 2012 when Rachel decided enough is enough; there’s no turning back now!

She enrolled into Young Entrepreneurs Academy Program which turned out not only be good idea but helped shape who I am today – both professionally ( 34 )and personally too.

Gladiator Lacrosse Net Worth

In 2020, Forbes list Rachel as one of their Under 30 personalities to watch. She attends Princeton University and was honored with an induction into Phi Beta Kappa Society while at the same time being included in Who’s Next Top 10 under 30?

She has submitted multiple papers for publication including two articles that were accepted by Journal For Academic Studies (JFAS).

Rachel’s appearance on season 7, episode 28 of Shark Tank has made her a celebrity. The success she enjoys as Gladiator Lacrosse is due in part to $9 million worth free advertising from this opportunity!

Gladiator Lacrosse Parents

Rachel Zietz grew up in a two-family home, with her parents and siblings. She has younger twin brothers who are both entrepreneurs as well!

She attended college at Fordham University before completing an MBA from Boston University’s School of Management . Nowadays she spends most of time working on projects for TouchSuite where they help enterprise companies manage their social media channels more efficiently so that business can be done better while being less costly or time consuming than ever before.”


Rachel Zietz, born in 2000 to Sam and Shiela Zeitz is an entrepreneur too. Her father’s company Touch suite makes it easy for companies of all sizes manage their social media accounts from one place – which has been helpful especially since he also runs the show! She loves lacrosse but found out that most balls weren’t durable enough when she went looking for new ones after her old ones broke during practice sessions with coaches who told them.

Gladiator Lacrosse net worth
Credit: Instagram

“Wall Ball” (throwing against walls) would help improve game skills…so now they’re using Gladiator Lacrosse Pro bounce technology instead because according  other manufacturer these are designed not just withstand weather conditions.

Gladiator Lacrosse Growth

In just a few months, Rachel has been able to grow her company with help from the support system. She built after appearing on TV. Although not every entrepreneur is given exposure like this in their early days and years of operation due them having financial backing or being supported by larger companies who have products they wish others would buy instead of theirs.

In fact, thanks both Dick’s Sporting Goods for carrying our line. AND several retailers expressing interest already since last year when we started offering lacrosse equipment nationwide through them. We’re projected at $2 million worth sold so far Rachel’s product will stand the test of time, even without a Shark deal.

Young and ambitious she has an exciting future ahead for herself with All Ball. Pro as their leading supplier lacrosse balls to college teams across America!

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